testimonials. Sexual assault during a concert in Lille, “Would you like someone to do that to your sister, your girlfriend or your mother?”

Women have denounced sexual violence during the concert of Fatals Picards and Marcel and his orchestra, on May 7 at the Zenith in Lille. Both groups want to be inflexible against this behavior. The testimonials highlight recurring deviant behavior during these evenings.

The concert of the Fatals Picards and Marcel and his orchestra will not have been a festive moment for everyone. Several fans, mostly women, denounced sexual assault, behavior and inappropriate comments during the show that gathered 4,500 people at the Zenith in Lille, this Saturday, May 7, 2022.

The opportunity for some of them to expose the repetition of these problems during the concerts.

Charlotte Loncq, 20, student, arrived an hour and a half before the start of the concert with her accompanist, “because it’s a group we like“. Used to punk, rock and metal festivals, the young woman knows “that it moves and that it displacesThe first part is set in the “in a good mood”

When Marcel and his orchestra arrived, she noticed a change in the atmosphere. †There was a pogo [moment où les spectateurs sautent et se bousculent], I was separated from my boyfriend. I’ve told several people I can’t breathe, I’m 5’6, they’re 5’8 “. She says we look at her and tell her that “itthat’s too bad“, without helping her first. So she manages to make a place for herself against the barrier ” breathe better

Charlotte explains that onlookers are plunging on her,”men of 1m80, healthy“She decides to talk again,”because I’m not afraid to say things“and a spectator answers him”you, you are the last girl in front and we intend to let you go

I already don’t feel good on the street, in college, at work, if I don’t feel safe in leisure activities, it won’t work.

She then turns to the stage and feels a hand”grab his ass.’ ‘But I couldn’t see who it was. The crowd took it away A feeling of unease arises. Several people rub against her, thanks to two other men she will manage to free herself from this situation and rejoin her companion.

Patricia was also sexually abused during the concert. †I suffered from touch, first on the first floorshe remembers. A gentleman came next to me, put his hand around my waist and squeezed my hips” While ironing some time later he explained “one hand on the buttocks

But the nightmare doesn’t stop there. As she descends into the well, a man turns to her and throws “a whole cup of beer in her face”. Patricia says to herself “angry, irritatednot good, a bit indignant“and intends to file a complaint against X in the hope that it can”to move things forward a little bit, if there are several of us it can have an impact

A gentleman came up to me, put his hand around my waist and squeezed my hips.


In the comments to the Facebook post, many people agree. A young woman notes:inappropriate gestures, and above all a whole glass of beer” thrown in the face. Another, accustomed to the shows of the Fatals Picards, speaks of an atmosphere “differentfrom the group’s other concerts.

The group Fatals Picards did not wait long with a response in a Facebook post. He denounces”very inappropriate gestures, almost as many comments, assaults, attitudes from another time that seemed to betray a total lack of respect and education

They also announce that they are doing everything they can to wipe this behavior off the map”at odds with our view of human relations

This message has “doing well“to Charlotte, who said to herself”glad to see that[elle n’était] not the only one who experienced this“. In addition, this message “allows people to respond and find each otherComments poured in very quickly, reporting similar facts.

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Franck, leader of Marcel and his orchestra shocked by deviant behavior during concerts

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Franck de Marcel and his orchestra also condemn these attacks. It’s horrible, I can’t have a two cents indulgence for that kind of redneck behavior”he protested at the microphone of France 3 Hauts-de-France.

Would you want someone to do that to your sister, your girl, your mother? What does it mean ? It’s just despicable.

Franck de Marcel and his orchestra

He mentioned the group’s concert in Lille in 2004, where the violence of the pogos prompted them to interrupt the concert to put the crowd in order. †We felt it was very hot, we said ohlala, we’re going to stop, it’s going to be dangerous. And we’ve done it many times

Another issue that has been highlighted by both groups and victims of sexual assault is crowd visibility. In concert halls, the pits are often plunged into darkness and the spectators are crowded.

It then becomes difficult to distinguish the silhouettes from each other. †You don’t see everything, the rooms are sometimes very dark‘, Frank regrets. This explains why it was difficult for Patricia to follow her attacker, whom she could have glimpsed quickly before disappearing, because “there were so many people, we couldn’t see it

The same was true of Charlotte, who couldn’t see whoever had it. touched car “the crowd took it away

Outside the concert of the Fatals Picards and Marcel and his orchestra, many people denounce repeated behavior. Report Internet users “gestures that have become systematic“during shows or otherwise”an identical scenario at the concert of Franz Ferdinand“, on May 6 at the Zénith de Lille.

Charlotte Loncq, for her part, has already noticed inappropriate postures and touches on other occasions,”but this is isolated behavior i’ve already done punk and rock concerts with heavy guys trying to flirt with me touch me except people interveneBut in the case of this concert, “there was no intervention for the help of the two men, I had the impression of being in danger

In reality, sexual assault in the pits is not uncommon. As early as 2019, victims of sexual violence at festivals on Konbini testified that they were fed up. A man was arrested in Bordeaux in 2021 for assault during the Climax festival. That same year, Marseille rapper Soso Maness interrupted a concert to help a harassed spectator.

However, this problem does not only concern France. It is not the first time such facts have been reported internationally. In the Netherlands, singer Sam Carter of the Architects group also interrupted his concert after witnessing an assault in public. The same scenario in Sydney, Australia, during Canadian rapper Drake’s show.

In addition to security guards, artists and fans are calling for more solidarity during concerts. If Charlotte could be escorted by two sheltered men, it took her time to get out of this ordeal.

Now it is also up to the spectators to eye a little bit about the people next to them to help those who may be in needFranck concludes, appealing to the spectators’ responsibility. Concerts are also moments of solidarity. And solidarity isn’t just for yourself, it’s for everyone

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