The Actor’s 10 Weirdest Post-Harry Potter Roles

We talked to you a while ago about the passion foractor Daniel Radcliffe for the roll strangestrange, so he can to forget a little bit the face ofHarry Potter, but marked with a hot iron on the actor. He also had extensively on this subject, and you can find the interview here. In the meantime, we offer you a small anthology of ten of his roles… very strange, because he likes it, Daniel Radcliffe.

#1 a lot (swiss army man

We’ll start with the heaviest, the best known and therefore most obvious role of Daniel Radcliffe with Manny in Swiss Army man where he embodies no more or less than a pale corpse, with a loose jaw and in decomposition the crazy and suicidal Hank’s best friend, played by Paul Dano† Later, his body will become a boat, his erection a rudder handle, his arms, hips and his flatulence an engine† This movie deserves to be seen more than once.

#2 Arthur Kipps (The woman in black

As soon as Harry Potter ended, Radcliffe was terrorized by a vengeful ghost in the creaky hallways of Eel Marsh House† This film was the first in a long series and served as an anchor for all his fans so that they understood what the actor wanted to do from now on. No magic, no scar, just dead children and things that happen at night.

#3 Ig (horns

at least inside hornssurely we won’t recognize Daniel Radcliffe in this adaptation of the Joe Hill novel of the same name par Alexandre Aja† In it, he plays a man suspected of raping and murdering his girlfriend, who discovers devil horns growing on his forehead, associated with the ability to hear people’s deepest and darkest secrets.

#4 Rex Dasher (playmobil: the movie

Oui, ya a Playmobil movie† No, it’s not right. Radcliffe plays James Bond parody full of himself whose humor struggles to save the movie, who want to match the success of the LEGO movies. The theme of his song is as intriguing as it is disturbing, with rhymes between “Incognito” and “Burito”.

#5 weird Al yankovic (strange

This film, a highly anticipated biopic about the musical, has yet to be released. Al Yankovic is not really well known in France, and it was an opportunity to introduce you to the character, as he will be played by Daniel Radcliffe, although he is still very much alive since he is 62 years old. The comedian likes to parody popular songs in music and has become known for his covers”Eat it“and”FatGo away et Bad by Michael Jackson). The one who is also an actor and musician sold 12 million albums, more than 150 songs recorded and nine times nominated for the Grammy Awards for three wins, as well as four gold records and five platinum records

#6 miles Lee Harris (Rifles Akimbo

The most famous image of the post-Harry Potter Radcliffe comes from this film, Rifles Akimbo : Daniel in a blue robe, pants and slippers with bear paw, with a gun in each hand, and he looks bewildered. in this video, Miles’ protagonist, computer programmer, is forced into a real-life deathmatch broadcast live by a strange cabal called SKIZM. A must see.

#7 Prince Frederik (The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs the Reverend

Who can sit next to Daniel Radcliffe and say, “I can joke more per minute than you“? Very few people actually. It’s not really a movie, since Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is an outlet series with many jokes from the team of the Saturday Night Livedo not the unique humor has already hit the mark in many series, such as Brooklyn99. Daniel Radcliffe manages to keep up with the rhythm imposed by a Tina Fay in top form, and it deserves to be seen, for the sincerity and the dazzling jokes. Tina Fay’s other most famous series, 30 Rock is known for an average of 7.4 jokes per minute, almost all of them smarter than the others.

#8 Nate Foster (empire

After being an apprentice of magic and Aurora to hunt Death Eaters, Daniel Radcliffe thought there was one more enemy to defeat: the Nazis† When he became Voldemort in hornshe decided to do the same in empire, infiltrating a neo-Nazi group. So you can see Radcliffe with a shaved head, walking with swastikas and singing very “White Power” slogans. Be careful though, the cognitive dissonance of seeing Harry Potter as Skinhead in this movie is extremely powerful and repulsive† He will be commended for this daring role as he will have scarred the minds and his career.

#9 Reverend Ezekial Brown (Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail

Don’t read it until you’ve seen the video above. It has happened ? Seeing Daniel Radcliffe in Bowie/Elton John makeup, a cape, and twerking is probably the weirdest that you will have seen today

#10 The dog walker (train wreck

Why does Daniel Radcliffe walk a pack of dogs, smoke and look annoyed? yet an image turned into a real meme, it’s that perfect without context† This scene is from the movie Train wreck, a romantic comedy. Hereby, the character exchanges dialogues of a sexual nature with a woman, amid dog stroking.

Did you like this article? Daniel Radcliffe is very talkative on the networks and in interviews† During Hogwarts 20th anniversary, he had shared one of his movie anecdotes, and his deep and genuine love for one of the Harry Potter actresses. And no, it’s not Emma Watson.

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