the ball falls through and Hortense receives support from the students of the Institute (Summary and spoilers episode n° 390 ITC)

“It All Starts Here” preview, detailed recap and spoilers for ITC’s Monday, May 2, 2022 Episode 390. In your daily series, Hortense films a final video. The ball falls through and Célia gathers her friends for a makeover session.


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This is where it all starts: Recap of Episode 390 of Monday, May 2, 2022

Hortense has returned to the Institute and she is again in a relationship with Mehdi. The young woman is eager to share an intimate moment with him, but Mehdi needs to be reassured. He thinks that if Hortense doesn’t like herself the way she is, she must hate him. But this is not the case. Hortense portrays him as tall, strong and super sexy. The young woman then begins to undress when Enzo, who had forgotten something, storms into the room. The latter then rushes to tell Tom what he saw. The two students find it strange that Hortense is suddenly comfortable with her body and ask themselves questions. They put forward the hypothesis that Hortense lied about her bulimia in order to place herself as a victim so her videos couldn’t be blamed. But Claire has overheard their conversation and decides to call the students to make a point. She explains to them that bulimia is a disease that is easy to hide and that always secretly manifests itself in the form of crises, which explains why even the closest environment can sometimes miss it. Chef Guinot reveals that she also had bulimia at the same age as Hortense and encourages her students to seek help if they suffer from eating disorders. Enzo apologizes to Chef Guinot for his words about Hortense. As for Tom, he apologizes to Hortense during Chef Armand’s class. He admits that he should never have leaked his videos and punched her when she was in pain.

Claire and Daniel talk to Hortense again about the clinic that specializes in eating disorders. Claire remains convinced that this is the best solution, especially since she has gone to the clinic for treatment. She confides in Hortense that she would never have made it without this support. But Hortense is not ready to put her life on hold for several months. Live on the institute’s bill, Hortense films a final video in which she claims not to have thought a hurtful word from what she said in her diary. At that time she was really really bad and had dark thoughts. She promises the students of the Institute that it won’t happen again. Then she tells them that she has decided to take care of herself. Hortense then tells them that she loves them and finds them incredible. But some students of the Institute (Kelly, Enzo, Mehdi, Charlène, Salomé, Anaïs, Lionel and Tom) have a very nice surprise in store for him. Reunited again, they came to personally show her their affection and say that they are ready to support her.

Hortense thought about it and told Claire and her father about her decision. She does not go to this specialized clinic. Hortense thinks that in order to be healthy, she must be happy. And she is happy at the Institute and when she cooks. Daniel offers her a compromise, to see a family doctor friend turned psychologist and familiar with eating disorder behavior. This allowed Hortense to do in-depth work without giving up her daily life and her friends. Claire offers to support the young woman. Hortense accepts and swears that she will do everything she can to get better.


The ball falls apart

Chef Teyssier presents his students with one of his latest creations, “la noisette clemente”, a hazelnut praline tart with citrus fruits. But gathered in the amphitheater, the apprentice chefs listen with half an ear and are more interested in the preparations for the approaching prom. Chef Teyssier manages to get their attention after telling them that this dessert has every chance of ending up in their year-end exams. Then he makes his recipe. Jasmine is afraid of not being able to reproduce it and points out that the 1st year students do not have the same level as the 2nd and 3rd year students. Teyssier disagrees. He thinks Jasmine won’t miss this dessert when she’s working instead of being interested in this stupid ball. In addition, the next student he hears about playlists, sequined dresses, or drinking will be banned from his course.

Axel tried to reproduce a technical gesture by following a tutorial on the net, but the result is inconclusive. It is for this reason that he seeks Salome’s help. But his reaction is not what he expected. The young woman is hardly enthusiastic. Salomé knows full well that Jasmine believes she has a monopoly on Axel and doesn’t want to be attacked every time she talks to Teyssier’s cousin. Axel suspected Jasmine had ideas, but he didn’t know it was at this point. He confides in Salome that he doesn’t feel anything for her. Salome encourages him to talk to Jasmine.

Célia gathers her friends at the salt marshes for a fitting session before the prom, on the theme of chic and glamorous. Rhinestone and rock and roll are on the menu for these fixtures. Celia’s grandmother offers Greg to look at the clothes Diego wore when he was young. And for her little girl she has an outfit that she might like. And she was right. Greg’s outfit is a sensation, it’s stylish and classy. As for Célia, she is simply sublime in her dress.

Axel gathers all his courage to talk to Jasmine, but their conversation is cut short because Jasmine is called. The young woman then gathers the students in the amphitheater to tell them bad news. There was water damage in the hall. The ball is cancelled.

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