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We act, we condemn, then we taste shellfish: live the life of a deputy sheriff in this episode, which explores the last five of this season.

Test 1: it dislikes

As a jury member invited to this event, Rasmus Munk (Alchemist, Copenhagen), the Damien Saez of young Danish virtuosos, who defends fifty goals in fifty brilliant dishes, has an idea behind his mind. In two hours, the candidates are invited to create a dish with a message that should be surprising and shocking, but with limits: human flesh and murder are forbidden (Mickaël could have had our ice cream killed).

  • Mickaël denounces intensive breeding

    Le Nordiste offers us raw pork in ceviche, sesame oil and Espelette pepper and pork ice cream, placed on a pork skull. You read that right: pork ice cream, we don’t think we can climb much higher in the unlikely ice climbing this season. And given how quickly the concepts of the show (like the pop-up restaurant “Philosaucisse”) come to life in practice, we can expect the kids to drop their pig-chicken cone on the sand this summer.

    We between every pub.

    With the pork, a syringe with sauce was made available to denounce the use of antibiotics in animals. Surprising, since in 2019 Rasmus Munk offered the same accessory, the same meat, to denounce the same case (read Elvire Von Baldeberen’s report). This loan, voluntarily or involuntarily, did not offend the young chef since he awarded Mickaël first, not resentful of the hepatitis E he must have contracted while tasting raw pork.

    Mickaël and intensive farming

    To give a note

    First in this event, Mickaël qualified for Episode 14.

  • Arnaud rejects blood donation

    Finally no, the opposite: the shortage of blood, and above all the difficulty homosexuals all over Europe have in donating their blood – note that in France only since March 16, 2022, the mandatory four-month abstinence has been abolished. On the occasion, Arnaud makes a dessert of chocolate mousse, panna cotta insert of rose and coffee, coulis of raspberries and balsamic vinegar. Raspberry/blood, it works, especially served in a transfusion bag on its medical foot. This impresses Munk, who has been known to pass out at the sight of the tiniest red fruit.

    Arnaud and the blood shortage

    To give a note

    Second in the event, Arnaud qualifies for Episode 14.

    However, I had asked for it.

  • Lilian hates tobacco

    Lilian reproduces for us these disgusting little pictures that we usually see on cigarette packs. He could have picked the one with the rotten teeth, with a fake mouth full of caramel nougat as a ratchet, but he chose the greasy lungs instead. He poachs two oysters in pastis, glazes them with vegetable charcoal and puts them under a smoke bell, accompanied by a beautiful fake ash. Creatively, the dish is less exposed than Mickaël at the end of the year, but that is not enough to convince Munk.

    Lilian and tobacco

    To give a note

    Go to the second test.

  • Sébastien denounces bullying at school

    The case is noble and Sébastien is super sincere, but there is something embarrassing about seeing this bag of chocolate mousse. At the tasting, Munk will receive an SMS happening « no more silence » which will strain him completely until his departure from French territory. Note the cool idea of ​​a schoolboy dish, with the hairs on the back of the neck all over France standing on end with every stroke of the fork.

    Sebastian and bullying

    To give a note

    Also go to the second test.

  • Pascal denounces the hunt

    No sorry, can’t help it… Pascal denounces a forestry practice that leads to the death of animals, but without kindness and respect: forest fires. We have often supported Pascal, but we doubt that. The dish is a set of tapas meant to keep us from setting fire to the garrigue, and the message is clear: penne pasta stuffed with mashed carrots, stuffed Jerusalem artichoke, marrow bone sauce, morel stuffed with mushrooms flambéed in brandy , all laid out on a beach wood borrowed from the Jewelery Carousel. Upon seeing the saucer, several arsonists, convinced by the message, realized their monstrosity and immediately surrendered to the police. Fun fact : Burnt Jerusalem artichoke was also practiced by Munk in his restaurant.

    Pascal and the forest fires

    To give a note

    Also go to the second test.

  • Louise denounces the famine

    Aesthetically, it is the most beautiful dish compared to all the presentations of its little comrades. And where all the haters with a different theme were waiting for her, Louise embarks on a somewhat complicated story: under the earth that is regularly eaten by poor people around the world (it is known), hide emeralds exploited by the richest they leave nothing. Irony of fate or absolute genius, the crème brûlée in these emeralds is made with Madagascar vanilla, a veritable emerald of spices subject to galloping overvaluation, in a country where half a million children suffer from acute malnutrition.

    Louise and the famine

    To give a note

    On to the second round.

    Beautiful fake country.

    Second test: Crenn degun

    After Dominique Ansel a few weeks ago, the brilliant Dominique Crenn comes to give us another demonstration of the Franco-Rican-French accent, inviting the candidates to dazzle us with shells. They did: since the start of this season, we have rarely wanted to eat all the dishes so much. Technical and refined proposals: we want more.

  • Lilian

    Lilian offers a scallop served in the shell, with brunoise of potatoes, shallots and haddock, marinière ice cream with buttermilk, haddock, tarragon and shellfish gravy. He makes a trompe-l’oeil with a nice Breton buckwheat pancake, but during the tasting a big misunderstanding arises: Dominique Crenn taps it with the spoon, and complains that this pancake is not brittle enough. Lilian, politely, apologizes instead of explaining that a Breton pancake doesn’t break and misses the win pretty stupidly.


    To give a note

    As a last chance…

  • Louise

    The French-Portuguese makes a nice carpaccio of smoked razor clams with seaweed, mussels marinière, on a risotto. On the side a bisque of crabs, garlic, shallots so full that Hélène Darroze lost two molars when tasting. Softened, whipped in butter, adjusted with lemon, the bisque brings all the knives back to its bed, Crenn loves the taste and calls the chef.


    To give a note

    First Place and Qualifier for Episode 14!

  • Pascal

    Very nice moment when tasting this dish in two plates, when Pascal pretends to be a Breton and the Breton woman with the American accent addresses the Breton woman with the Var accent without anyone calling the gendarmerie for scamming. A grilled scallop and a nice shellfish ravioli cooked in stock, with a small foam of crab and crab cake: we are licking the screen.


    To give a note

    Runner-up and Qualifier for Episode 14!

  • Sebastien

    And if Sébastien was the most rock’n’roll of the band, finally? His carpaccio of scallops and turnips, celery detox juice, cauliflower celery and shellfish sauce, under the air of a thalassotherapy dish from Saint-Tropez, was so radical that he removed the scallops from the frame. It’s elimination according to Dominique Crenn.


    To give a note

    As a last chance…

    Last high-flying chance around the pear, which Sébastien and Lilian beat up with many ideas: poached, curd and gherkins for the first, Vatican-esque cardinal red wine for the second.

  • Lilian Douchet eliminated from top chef
    We had already said goodbye to him here, but this time there is certainly more news for the young chef as he opens two restaurants, so two good chances to taste his fine cuisine: the Lil-Home in Bordeaux and Dame Augustine in Paris. Supermarkets in Beauvais lose hype, but we win on the stock exchange. See you next week !

    By Henry Michael

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