This is where it all starts: what awaits you in episode 391 of Tuesday, May 3, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News series on TV

In the next episode of “This is where it all begins”… While Salomé saves the ball, Hortense controls her impulses. At the same time, Emmanuel discovers the identity of Constance’s rider.

Please note, the following paragraphs contain spoilers about the episode of Here it all starts airing tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, read no further!

Tuesday 3 May in Here it all starts…


Even though the prom fell through, some students still believe in it. This is especially true for Eliott and Axel who continue to work at the buffet. On the other hand, Jasmine has lost all hope. Indeed, the young woman called all the rental rooms in the region, but everything is already booked. Shortly after, Salomé joins them and brings good news. Her father has a contact who rents a room twenty minutes from Calvières, so she offers to accompany Jasmine and Alex to visit him.

On the spot, Axel and Salomé are surprised to discover that the room is huge and even do a few dance moves to the chagrin of Jasmine, who struggles to hide her jealousy. While her comrades are already imagining the layout of the place, Jasmine hesitates. Since she doesn’t have enough decorations for the whole room, she would prefer a smaller and warmer place. Axel does try to make it clear to her that she can’t afford a great plan just because the room isn’t as she imagined it, but Jasmine, who’s been working on the ball for weeks, won’t take anything cheap. Salomé, for her part, wonders if her classmate wouldn’t rather have a whim because she wasn’t the one who found the room.

Back at the institute, Axel takes his courage in both hands and shows himself honestly to Jasmine. As far as he understood that he liked him, he indicates that his feelings are unfortunately not reciprocated. With this announcement, Jasmine clearly blames the blow.

Annoyed, she later confides to Charlene. Suspecting Axel of having an opinion about Salomé, Charlène profiles it to break the sugar on his back and tells how she made Louis bite by cheating on him with Maxime. Charlène therefore hopes that her cousin will not fall into the trap because she thinks he deserves better.

Salomé, for her part, still hasn’t found her outfit for the ball. Fortunately, Anaïs got a dress for her birthday that doesn’t suit her at all. Convinced that it would fit her friend like a glove, Anaïs invites Salomé to try it on. The effect is immediate and does not leave anyone indifferent, not even Axel.

Afterwards, Salomé tells Anaïs that she likes Axel, but that she doesn’t want it to get worse with Jasmine. Unfortunately, it won’t be long before the latter has a fit of jealousy. Indeed, Jasmine believes that Salomé monopolizes the entire organization of the prom while the idea is hers. Although Maxime’s ex assures her that she is only doing this to help him, Jasmine is convinced that she is doing this to seduce Axel. As the tone rises, Jasmine insults her comrade and grabs the tray of petit fours before throwing them on the floor.

Jasmine immediately apologizes to her, but Salomé refuses to listen. When Jasmine blames him for thinking only of her, Salomé decides to provoke her by inviting Axel as her date to the prom, which he happily accepts.


Hortense comes home from her first meeting with the psychologist and confides in Mehdi. The latter is very proud of his girlfriend, as she was able to take matters into her own hands in a very short time and confront both Hugues and her father. Having decided to stop being overwhelmed by her impulses, she wants her boyfriend to be her “anti-squat guardian angel.” If he sees her clinging to food, he will have to divert his attention quickly. Mehdi then encourages her to be replaced for the lunch service, but Hortense prefers to resume her cooking habits.

During the service, Hortense offers to help Theo. Only he hesitates. As far as she comes out of a rough patch, he doesn’t want to put her in a stressful situation. Despite everything, Hortense is ready to take on the challenge. Theo eventually accepts. Although she felt a little urge coming on, she resists and focuses on her work so as not to be overwhelmed.


Looking for a chic yet casual outfit for the prom, Constance asks her daughter for help. When she hears that her mother is going to the party on Chef Landiras’ arm, Charlène says she can’t because the whole institution will gossip. In addition, she finds it difficult to explain to everyone that her mother does not cheat on her father. Constance doesn’t care about gossip, though.

Zacharie, for his part, tells Lisandro that he is Constance’s cavalier. Believing that he is playing with fire, the head of the room then warns him. If Teyssier finds out, he’ll have him fired.

Not far from there, Charlène reports to her father that Constance is going to the ball with Zacharie and is afraid of hearsay. However, Emmanuel doesn’t care at all and orders his daughter to do the same.

Amused by the situation, Teyssier joins Zacharie and asks if he isn’t afraid to fuck his wife. Embarrassed, Emmanuel assures us that he was just trying to fool him and then asks him to relax.

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