This is where it all starts: what awaits you in episode 393 of Thursday, May 5, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News series on TV

In the next episode of “It All Starts Here”… As the injuries multiply in the ballroom, Louis makes a horrifying discovery.

Please note, the following paragraphs contain spoilers about the episode of Here it all starts airing tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, read no further!

Thursday 5 May in Here it all starts…


The Auguste Armand Institute’s first prom has become a nightmare and the ceiling in the reception room is now in danger of collapsing. Unfortunately, the students of the gastronomic school are trapped because the exit is blocked by a metal structure.

Alarmed by the screams, Lisandro, Hortense and Eliott desperately try to open the door from the outside, but without success. However, Greg, who is right behind it, manages to communicate with them. After explaining the situation to them, he orders them to call for help. Without waiting, Lisandro calls the fire brigade.

The situation is now dire. With the ceiling creaking and about to collapse, Greg and Axel search for a way out. Delobel’s son then tries to break open the door, but his shoulder is dislocated. In turn, Axel tries by kicking hard. In vain.

Shortly after, Axel and Salomé remember that the room has an emergency exit. As many tables and chairs block access, students form a chain to show the way.

For her part, Anaïs regains consciousness after a few minutes of fainting. The young woman panics when she sees that the ceiling is ready to fall. Constance and Zacharie then reassure her by explaining that help is not long in coming. At risk of head trauma, Constance orders her not to move until she is cared for.

A few kilometers away, Teyssier uses his evening to bake while listening to classical music. However, his evening takes a dramatic turn when his wife calls to inform him of the situation. Just as he asks if she and their children are okay, the roof collapses. In a panic, Emmanuel speaks to Constance, but the latter has dropped her phone and is no longer answering. He immediately takes his things and goes there.

The ballroom is chaotic. Though a little shaken up, Théo, Célia, Deva, Enzo, Mehdi, Lionel, Salomé and Axel are safe and sound. Together they manage to clear the emergency exit and so everyone can evacuate. Unfortunately, many injuries are regrettable.

This is the case of Kelly trapped under the rubble. Lionel and Laetitia try to free her quickly, but the metal structure holding her captive is too heavy. Soon Guillaume and Salomé lend them a hand and together they manage to free the young woman. Because she is seriously injured in the leg, Salomé thinks it is safer not to move her. Although initially reluctant to leave her daughter, Laetitia leaves the room to alert the emergency services. As soon as her mother is gone, Kelly bursts into tears and then declares that she has never been in so much pain in her life.

Moments later, the fire brigade arrived on the scene. After being made aware of the situation, the brigade commander and his teams enter the room to tend to the wounded. Shortly afterwards, Teyssier, in turn, arrives at the scene of the tragedy and makes sure Théo, Axel and Célia are well before going in search of his wife and daughter who still haven’t left. However, a firefighter stops him from entering.

Greg and Jasmine wait for a doctor to examine the young man’s shoulder when Hortense and Eliott arrive with Naël. Then a firefighter takes over the Delobel son and puts his shoulder back in place.

At the same time, Zacharie and Constance emerge from the room unharmed. Horrified by what just happened, Chief Landiras takes the nurse in his arms as Emmanuel and Axel join them. With Charlene still nowhere to be found, the director orders Zacharie to watch over his wife before she enters the room. Fortunately, Teyssier and Axel discover the unconscious young woman with Louis by her side. More fear than evil because she regains consciousness and can leave the premises.

A few steps further, Kelly is received by the fire brigade. When she’s much better, she won’t feel her leg anymore. In a panic, Laetitia asks the fireman to do something, but the latter tells her that it is not his job and that a doctor will come and see her.

For her part, Anaïs was rushed to the hospital to make sure she has no head trauma.

At the same time, Salomé feels guilty for not checking that the building was in order and Axel tries to reassure her.

Later, the fire chief informs Teyssier that they have checked all the injured. While Kelly and Anais’ lives are not in danger, the others injured mostly suffer from superficial wounds. While Rose says it’s a miracle everyone got away with it, Louis storms in in a panic. With no news about his mother, he wants to know if the fire brigade has found her. Convinced that she is still in the room, Louis returns to the scene and sets out to find her with the help of the firefighters. Moments later, a firefighter discovers a hand in the middle of the rubble and everything points to it being Claire.

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