this sense of “shame” he felt after his sleeve

PARIS, FRANCE - OCTOBER 07: Laurent Ournac poses during the "Dances With The Stars"  photocall on October 7, 2015 in Paris, France.  (Photo by Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images)

Laurent Ournac: This sense of “shame” he felt after his sleeve gastrectomy (Photo by Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images)

Next Monday, April 25, 2022, the flagship series of TF1, Camping Paradis, is back! The chance to return to the struggle of Laurent Ournac who had an operation a few years ago to reduce his stomach. On this topic, the actor has never had taboos, not even to deliver oh-so-important messages.

Remember: In the early 2000s, during the reality TV boom, TF1 aired “My Incredible Fiance”. A show as eccentric as its protagonist, Laurent Ournac. Since then, the latter has been able to bounce back and capitalize on its ever-growing fame to establish itself in the media landscape. Laurent Ournac has played the part of Tom Delormes in the flagship series of the first channel, Camping Paradis for over 15 years. On the private side, the one who said “yes” to Ludivine in 2014, and is a father of two children, is fighting to maintain his health…

Video. Laurent Ournac confides in his fight against obesity: ‘It’s hard to see yourself putting on pounds’

“It’s a rebirth, this operation”

In June 2015, Laurent Ournac underwent a surgical procedure called longitudinal gastrectomy or sleeve gastrectomy. And it is after an ablation of 80% of his stomach that the actor looked changed, with 50 kilos less. “Honestly, I never doubted myself. I always saw myself getting fatter with the numbers on the scale because I always weighed myself regularly. But oh well, unfortunately I didn’t have the method to… I, I often say that this operation is a rebirth. I tell myself that today I will be able to live the life I have always wanted,” he explained on the France 2 broadcast, “It’s a story”.

If he’d opted for surgery, it’s because Laurent Ournac says he’s “always been above the weight curve,” and has had difficulties losing weight: “When we realize that we need to lose 50 or 60 pounds on our own Dieting, telling yourself ‘I need to eat steamed green beans and steamed fish’ seems so out of reach that you say to yourself ‘I need to find a way to get help’.”

At the time, Pierre Ménès, who was undergoing a sleeve gastrectomy himself, had congratulated Laurent Ournac, while avoiding foul language: “I congratulate him, because you really have to be the last of the nose to believe that he. You just have to have surgery and six months later, everything is gone. You can’t eat anything, you have to puke for weeks, it’s a form of mutilation. I take my hat off to him.” Unfortunately, what the journalist pointed out is what Laurent Ournac experienced some time after his operation, like many others before him…

Video. “It’s Not the Sleeve That Cured Me”

the recoil

Five years after his surgery, in 2020, Laurent Ournac explained to Here that he has “gained on a little bit” since then. A situation that had particularly affected him at the time: “What is terrible is the guilt, the shame of coming back to see the doctors who operated on you. You may be tempted to repeat so-called miracle diets to lose weight quickly before the assessment appointments. Except we know very well that we will grow even more after that.” In addition, there is the public image that you have to master if you have been a well-known character on the small French screen for years. “I lost a lot of weight, but because I that wanted, even if it means losing the good nature and even if it changes things in my image and thus in my work. When I spoke to the time, and on TF1 and on ‘Camping’, I said to them, ‘I have made the choice to perform this operation.’ The consequences had already been measured. I told them, ‘If that happens at some point, it must be our side holding us back, it will be the time to stop’. Because indeed, it seems crazy to say to yourself: the public will turn away because I gain kilos or lose kilos,’ he confided on the M Radio broadcasts in 2021.

Surgery is not enough to combat morbid obesity. And Laurent Ournac knows it all too well. He has regained weight since 2015. And when the subject comes up, he never hesitates to deliver an unfiltered and very important message: “So, I’m at the stage where I’m picking it up again, which is very difficult. Who says ‘Ah, he had lost, but he won anyway.’ Social networks are terrible for that because as much as my scale reminds me of it regularly, but social networks also remind me of it,” he stated on Europe 1 in June 2021.

In addition to gaining weight, you have to deal with criticism and judgment from others, especially if you are a public figure. Laurent Ournac is also often the subject of inappropriate reflections from those who “elected” him when he was “very big”. To this, the actor responds in the best possible way: “It is also a matter of health. When you are in a situation called morbid obesity, where all the factors of heart attack, cholesterol, diabetes are multiplied (…) inevitable, we’re not just doing it for aesthetics or image.” And anyway, whatever the reasons for this choice, they belong to Laurent Ournac, him alone.

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