Tom Cruise and the Royal Family, a long history of friendship

BURBANK, CA - JANUARY 30: Tom Cruise onstage at the 10th Annual Lumiere Awards at Warner Bros.  Studios on January 30, 2019 in Burbank.  (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Advanced Imaging Society)

Tom Cruise will soon pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Advanced Imaging Society)

In 2022, Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years of her reign. On this occasion, a major play will tell the story of the British monarchy. And among the cast members we find American actor Tom Cruise. A choice that may seem surprising, but is actually very relevant when you know the friendship that has linked the star of “Mission: Impossible” and the British royal family for years.

70 years of reign. In February 2022, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 70th anniversary on the throne of England: she was made sovereign after the death of her father, since then she has marked history with a capital H and even broke the record for the longest reign of Great Britain, formerly in the possession of Queen Victoria, who was on the throne for 63 years, from 1837 to 1901. For an exceptional event, an exceptional celebration: From 2 to 5 June, Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee will be the occasion of many festivities .

Video. Helen Mirren, Damian Lewis and Tom Cruise will attend the Queen’s Jubilee

An American in Britain

However, the latter will start well in advance, because from 12 to 15 May a big party will be organized on the occasion of the Royal Windsor Horse Show. On the programme: a 90-minute play recounting the history of the British monarchy, performed live from Windsor Castle and broadcast on television. Several actors have been chosen for the lead roles: Helen Mirren, Damian Lewis, but also Tom Cruise. At the moment we don’t know yet what role he will play in the production.

But if the choice of the first two actors (both British) wasn’t surprising, Tom Cruise’s raised more than one eyebrow. The actor is indeed an American, and many people wonder what character he could play in a play that tells the story of the royal family of England. But in reality, this choice is also a choice of the heart, because the actor is very close to Elizabeth II and her entourage. And for many years.

Tom Cruise and Lady Diana, the strange rumor

Many stars are close to the British royal family. These members of a high (and very high) society often have the opportunity to meet and do good deeds together. But in Tom Cruise’s case, rumor has it that he has long courted Prince Charles’ ex-wife, Lady Diana. Diana Spencer was very popular with the general public, as popular for her benevolence as for her beauty. And according to a tweet from her former cook, she had fallen in love with the actor… Until the day she met him in person.

Lady Di, a big fan of cinema and just separated from Prince Charles, had taken her sons to the famous Pinewood studios in Britain to allow them to attend the shooting of the film “Mission: Impossible”. The two princes were still very young and were very impressed by the special effects. But their mother was disappointed with her meeting with Tom Cruise: “Another one to go off the list. He’s too small,” she would have told her co-worker.

However, this didn’t stop the actor from bonding with the royal family: he even attended Lady Di’s funeral in London in September 1987.

Scientology and Controversies

Tom Cruise has been a guest at Buckingham Palace several times over the years. He had the opportunity to exchange with the Queen, with Prince Philip or even with Prince Charles, but his closeness to the royal family was not to everyone’s liking. In question: the actor’s ties to Scientology, a movement that many people consider a cult and of which Tom Cruise is one of its main spokespersons. In 2005, the comedian was accused of pressuring British Prime Minister Tony Blair to recognize the church as a UK tax-exempt charity. So it is inevitable that his links to the monarchy have not always been seen with a very good eye.

Notably, in 2016, the British newspaper The National Enquirer alleged that Katie Holmes’ ex-husband was preparing to move to Scientology headquarters in the United Kingdom and turn it into a palace. A source had even confided in the publication: “He’s obsessed with the British royal family and tired of being snubbed by them. But he doesn’t impress Queen Elizabeth II.” However, in 2015, the Church of Scientology claimed to have received donations from Prince Charles. The heir to the British crown is said to have financially supported Criminon, a rehabilitation program set up by the organization for ex-offenders. However, the Queen never wanted to be associated with Scientology.

Tom Cruise’s Beautiful Gift to Prince William and Kate Middleton

Still, despite the Queen of England’s disenchantment with Scientology, Tom Cruise remained close to the royal family and had the opportunity to meet with them on many occasions, including Euro 2020, at the time the Hollywood actor was invited to the presidential election. . stand next to Kate, William and their son George for the England v Italy match.

Prince William first met Tom Cruise while filming ‘Mission: Impossible’ and the two men have been in a warm relationship ever since. In particular, they had the opportunity to meet on charity evenings, and recently the actor proved that he had not forgotten the passion for cinema of the future king of England. He also invited the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to a private screening of the next installment of “Top Gun”, which took place in early April at the IMAX Theater in London’s Leicester Square.

Video. Prince William and Kate Middleton saw the new ‘Top Gun’

William, Kate, as well as Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice as well as the Countess of Wessex were able to preview the feature film, which will hit theaters on May 25, 2022. “The rest of the cinema is closed for the privacy of William, Kate and a few other members of the royal family, as well as some trusted friends,” a source told The Sun newspaper. “Tom greeted them and said he hoped that they enjoyed the movie as much as he enjoyed making it. Apparently it received royal approval, not least because William was a military pilot himself, so it is close to his heart.” A beautiful testament to friendship that proves that the ties between Tom Cruise and Elizabeth II’s family still remain be strong Enough to give it a place in a historical tribute to the Queen of England.


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