Tomorrow is ours: what awaits you in episode 1173 of Wednesday, April 27, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News series on TV

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Is Ours”… While Anna is in critical condition, a lightning strike occurs at the Dauniers. Noor, for his part, explains himself with Lopez-Diallo’s children.

Please note, the following paragraphs contain spoilers about the episode of Tomorrow Is Ours Tomorrow Night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, read no further!

Wednesday 27 April in Morgen is ours…


After the explosion of the farm, Ophelia escaped unharmed and fled aboard a motorized boat.

At the same time, chaos reigns at the oyster farm where help is urgently sent. Fortunately, Chloé, Nordine, Alex and Karim escape with a few scratches. However, Anna is seriously injured and is taken to hospital in critical condition. When she discovers a piece of metal in her stomach, she starts to panic. As she squirms in pain, the young woman tells Karim she doesn’t want to lose him. The latter then tries to reassure her by swearing she won’t die and then begs her to hold on. Unfortunately, Anna loses consciousness under the helpless gaze of her companion. Scared at the thought of losing her, Karim collapses and bursts into tears.

When she arrives at the hospital, Anna is cared for by Renaud. Without wasting a second, she is taken to the operating room. Given the nature of his injury, doctors must operate on him to determine the extent of damage to vital organs.

Later, Alex has footage of his first date with Chloe when their children were born in his head. The traumatic shock to the head combined with the emotional shock was liberating, so Alex is trying to regain his memory. At least one good news today.

Renaud and Samuel Anna operate a stone’s throw away. However, if they manage to get the piece of metal loose, the injuries are much more serious than they thought. The uterine wound is indeed very deep. Unless there’s a miracle, the doctors can’t save her uterus.

At the same time, Commander Constant takes stock with the fire chief. The fire was under control but the mas was unfortunately destroyed by the explosion. When the police notice that a canoe has disappeared, Martin understands that Ophélie has fled by the pond.

In the hospital, Renaud breaks bad news to Karim, Bart and the rest of the Delcourt family. Because Anna’s damage to the uterus was significant, they had to put in stitches that would make further pregnancy impossible. Anna will therefore a priori no longer be able to have children.

At the same time, Ophélie arrives at Sophie Novak’s. After checking that they are alone, the messy girl tells him that this is his last chance to get out of here. Sophie then takes her in her arms.


When her father comes to Sète to celebrate his birthday, Aurore invites the whole Daunier family to join in the festivities. Inevitably, Brigitte doesn’t take long to arrive at her daughter-in-law’s house to lend her a hand with dinner. Although Aurore has everything planned, the matriarch of the Daunier family continues to want to make a leg of lamb for the occasion.

Once she goes to the butcher, Brigitte returns to her son to cook. Since Aurore is not there, she welcomes Pierre upon his arrival. And it’s clear that the current runs quite well between them. Under her spell, Aurore’s father rushes to drop off his bags at the hotel to buy her a bouquet of flowers.

In the evening Aurore cooked oysters in champagne for her father. Unfortunately for her, he is intolerant of champagne. But Brigitte saves the evening thanks to her lamb, mainly because it is Pierre’s favorite dish.

At the end of dinner, Aurore pours coffee to everyone. Another failure for her as her father finds it a bit too strong for her taste. Brigitte then seizes the opportunity to make him a chicory, which he happily accepts. Dorian and Manon, for their part, notice that something is going on between their grandparents.


Lilian apologizes to Angie for her attitude the day before. While trying to learn more about Nathan, Jahia says he’s still a virgin. Lilian and Jahia then have fun teasing their little sister.

At the same time, Cédric apologizes to Noor for his bad reaction and thanks her for helping her daughter. The nurse takes the opportunity to tell him that the atmosphere at home is tense between him and his children. Therefore, even if they should have dinner together in the restaurant, Noor urges him to spend time with his children to be with the family.

Noor then confides in Samuel about the complicated relationship she has with Cédric’s children. Since he has also been there with Leila, he advises her to persevere. The young woman then thanks him and even goes so far as to acknowledge that it has done her good to talk to him.

In the evening Cédric and his children have dinner at the Spoon. When Noor arrives to pick up his order, Lilian and Jahia think their father organized this meeting, but the young woman guarantees she didn’t know they were there and then takes the opportunity to make things clear. If she helped Angie, it’s because she needed it and in no way to interfere with their family life. And to add that she went through the same thing with her mother. Understanding how they feel, Noor claims she will never impose herself. As she prepares to go home, Angie invites her to dinner. Even if it touches her, Noor prefers to leave them with the family.

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