Tomorrow is ours: what awaits you in episode 1174 of Thursday 28 April 2022 [SPOILERS] – News series on TV

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Is Ours”… While the police search Sophie’s house, Raphaëlle teaches her father a lesson. Brigitte should have locked the door.

Please note, the following paragraphs contain spoilers about the episode of Tomorrow Is Ours Tomorrow Night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, read no further!

Thursday 28 April in Morgen is ours…


Anna has just woken up in the hospital but is not yet aware of the consequences of her operation. Karim, who is by her side, does not teach her without emotion that she will never be able to have children again. Angry, Anna launches when she understands that he wants to leave her. In fact, he always wanted to have another child. Now that she can no longer have one, she thinks it would not be fair if he could no longer fulfill his dream because of her. But Karim reassures her before declaring that he has no intention of leaving her. Although he would have liked to have had a child from the woman he loves, it is important to him that she is still alive. With tears in her eyes Anna tells him how sorry she was. Immediately after, Karim replies that he loves her before kissing her tenderly.

Nordine for her part goes to Sophie’s. After searching all night for Ophelia, the cop is tired and eager to spend some time with her. While hiding the fugitive at home, the lawyer makes her believe she still has a plea to prepare for an important hearing in the morning. Once he’s gone, Ophelia doesn’t help but notice that her accomplice’s boyfriend doesn’t look very lively. Sophie replies that Nordine loves her and that he has no reason to mistrust her.

Later, Ophelia confides to Sophie that she can’t stop thinking about Anthony. She is very moved, she cannot believe that she will not see him again. The lawyer, for her part, tries to understand what has happened since they had to disappear. It is for this reason that she agreed to help them by hiding a weapon from the court. Ophelia replies that she is aware of this and that if their plan has turned out so wrong, it is because Anthony has died at the hands of Chloe. Annoyed, Sophie replies that she does not agree with her. If Anthony is dead, it’s because of the choices he’s made. So she calls on Ophelia to leave Chloe alone once and for all and move on. Sophie no longer approves of what she’s doing and tells her it’s over. Now in the crosshairs of the police, she advises Ophelia to surrender. Unfortunately, she leaves him no choice. If she falls, Sophie falls with her.

There was nothing left to save on the mas. In his accident, Alex was able to find another box of family photos in the rubble. However, the oyster farmer doesn’t know how he will manage now that there is nothing left here. Chloé, for her part, is positive, especially since her husband has already remodeled the farm in the past. Despite everything, Alex has little faith in the future. The foundations have been damaged and it would be necessary to raze everything to the ground to rebuild everything. So he is not sure whether the insurance will follow him. Chloé says they will go through this new ordeal together and find a solution. Touched, Alex tells her that she is the most beautiful thing that happened to him in life and then kisses her.

At the station, Martin, Karim and Sébastien take stock of the investigation. While investigating the Messys, Captain Saeed led them back to their father Olivier. The latter was first convicted and defended by the Morel cabinet in 2003. That year, the company hired an intern to handle the case, none other than Sophie Novack. In the same year, Anthony and Ophélie were placed in a home and then in foster care. Karim therefore contacted Master Morel, who confirmed that Sophie had taken this matter very seriously. Because she herself had a difficult childhood, she could have identified herself very well with them. In fact, the police suspect her of being the Messy’s second accomplice.

For her part, Nordine receives a call from Sophie who wants information about the investigation. He makes her believe that the investigation into Ophelia has been halted because they fear she has already left France. Nordine barely has time to hang up when Martin tells him they’re going to search Sophie’s house.

At the same time, Sophie pushes Ophelia to leave the place as soon as possible, indicating that she is endangering them both.

At the end of the day, the police search Sophie’s house. Unfortunately they find nothing as the whole apartment has just been cleaned with bleach. Martin is suspected of having received Ophélie during her flight and asks the lawyer to follow her to the police station.


While shopping with her mother, Camille is full of praise for Stanislas. She thinks he’s too cool and contrary to what her grandfather could have imagined. Camille then confides to her mother that Sébastien wanted to know whether the skipper was paying rent and whether he was running errands.

Later, Raphaëlle joins Stanislas at the Spoon for lunch. The latter eventually admits to her that he was entitled to a one-on-one conversation with Sébastien and that he revealed to her that she was having financial problems. Raphaëlle replies that she has no problem with money and that her practice is doing very well. To the extent that he wanted to trap him, Raphaëlle wants to teach his father a lesson.

So she arrives at his office and makes him believe that Stanislas has left without even letting him speak. An attitude that hardly surprises the public prosecutor who has never really appreciated the skipper. Raphaëlle then continues her game and invites him to dinner, explaining that it would do him a lot of good if he was there.

In the evening Sébastienne goes to her daughter. While the whole family is having an aperitif, Sébastien is surprised to see Stanislas there. Although she knows full well that he did this to protect her, Raphaëlle asks Sébastien to stop meddling in her private life. Bad player, he turns around and prefers to leave.

BRIGITTE should have locked the door

In the morning, Pierre and Brigitte take a walk along the sea. While the matriarch Daunier jumps at the slightest chance to openly criticize her children, Pierre cannot say the same about his daughter with whom he is trying to reconnect. After apologizing for her awkwardness, Brigitte makes it clear to her that Aurore has her small nature and even goes so far as to think she’s tricking her son. After they both had a great evening the day before, Pierre and Brigitte continue their walk hand in hand.

Brigitte then offers Étienne and Bénédicte a night in a large five-star hotel in the city. Explaining that she is doing this to thank them for their kindness, she actually plans to take the opportunity to have the house all to herself to spend time with Pierre.

At the end of the day, Pierre arrives at Brigitte’s with a bunch of flowers. While they talk over a glass of wine, they kiss passionately. When they are about to make love on the couch, Dorian shows up because he forgot his phone charger. Caught in the act, Brigitte makes her grandson promise to keep the secret.

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