Tomorrow is ours: what awaits you in episode 1183 of Wednesday 11 May 2022 [SPOILERS] – News series on TV

In the next episode of “Tomorrow is to us”… As Vanessa comes face to face with the killer, Charlie and François reconcile. At the same time, Sylvain receives a message from a crow.

Please note, the following paragraphs contain spoilers about the episode of Tomorrow Is Ours Tomorrow Night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, read no further!

Wednesday 11 May in Morgen is ours…


Vanessa hasn’t slept all night. She thinks deeply about Mercier’s third victim and questions Georges about the ongoing investigation. The policeman therefore explains to him that the serial killer no longer puts the poison in the drinks of his victims, but injects it directly with a syringe. He continues by telling her about the note they found on Marie’s body. Vanessa then imagines that she is next on her list because all her victims were related to Louise and Bart’s wedding. To reassure her, Georges promises that he will do everything he can to protect her and that no one will hurt her.

At the station, Roxane was able to follow Marie’s last route thanks to video surveillance of the city. By sifting through the videos, she even managed to snap a photo of Mercier next to the van, which allowed her to update her desired message.

Meanwhile, prosecutor Perraud is convinced that the note left on the victim’s body was addressed to him. According to him, Mercier only did this to mock him and celebrate the occasion after Chloe’s failure. It is therefore important to decipher this message as soon as possible.

Mathilde for her part is sad to see her mother having to postpone her wedding. Since Gary and Aurélien would come for the occasion, Louise left a message on her ex-husband’s answering machine to warn him of the situation. In spite of everything, Mathilde would have liked to see her father and brother whom she has not seen for a long time. To please her daughter, Louise finally calls Gary back, believing it will be good for everyone to spend time with the family.

At the police station, Roxane tried to create a script to identify Loïc Mercier’s events from the surveillance footage. Since the latter was very careful, the young woman was able to get only a dozen results. The killer most likely hiding at a campsite in the city, Commander Constant immediately dispatches a patrol to the scene.

Not far from there, Leo missed his bus to play chess. Because he has a tournament the following week, the little boy calls Audrey to take him with him. Understanding, the chef Vanessa accepts that she leaves her post early.

At nightfall, Roxane informs Georges that Mercier passed the Spoon several times. If he never entered the establishment, on the other hand, she fears that he has come to explore. Without waiting, the police officer calls Vanessa to make sure everything is okay. Since she is alone in the restaurant, Georges asks her to close the door as a precaution.

Not really reassured, Vanessa goes back to work. But moments later, she comes face to face with Mercier, who is holding a syringe in his hand. Without thinking, she throws things at him while screaming for help. Alone, Mercier manages to wedge it against a work plan. When the killer is about to inject him with the poison, Vanessa grabs a knife and stabs him…


The day before, Charlie had formalized his relationship with François on the high school podcast. An attitude that did not please the French teacher, who would have liked to wait until the end of the school year with their story. While Charlie is relieved that their secret is finally out, François worries it will affect his career. Although they are both adults, Chloé could indeed initiate disciplinary proceedings against him or worse, have him transferred to the other side of France.

For their part, Étienne and Chloé did some research. According to the legal guide, the law does not provide for a relationship between his teacher and his student, provided that he or she is of legal age. Even if there is no criminal sanction, Chloé still plans to take disciplinary action against François. According to her, there is a bribery relationship between a teacher and his student and therefore she cannot afford to sit idly by hoping it will go under the radar.

Then Chloe calls Charlie to make sure she agrees. The young woman then says that it was she who went to fetch François and that she is leading the dance in this story. She also clarifies that she has nothing to do with a victim before asking him to let them live in peace. In turn, François is called to the director’s office. As far as she plans to punish him in order to maintain some social peace in high school, François says he is willing to sacrifice himself for his couple. Touched by his sincerity, Chloe declares that she has no intention of firing him. On the other hand, she urges him to be discreet. She doesn’t want outpourings inside or at the establishment or she will have to punish him.

Shortly afterwards, François finds Charlie and kisses him passionately. Relieved that he no longer has to hide, he apologizes to her for having panicked. Charlie also apologizes for not being patient. Now reconciled, they kiss and decide to spend the end of the day with François.


At the firm, Victor investigates the Spoon’s hostage situation. When Sophie thinks she is interested in the Messys, the former businessman indicates that it is the gold bar that has disappeared into nature that interests him. So Sophie asks him to try not to mix up his stories in the closet. With humor, Victor guarantees that he has learned not to leave traces.

For her part, Christelle doesn’t exactly remember the evening she spent with Victor, because she was a little too tipsy. When she arrives at the hospital, the social worker checks that she hasn’t said nonsense or worse, something inappropriate. In a first, Victor makes her believe she’s made advances to him, then pretends he has only vague memories of this evening.

Later, Sylvain picks up his wife at the end of her working day. Victor walks past him in the hospital lobby and makes a few allusions to the gold ingot.

At the end of the day, Sylvain thinks about Victor’s strange attitude lately. While setting the table for dinner, Sylvain receives a disturbing message: “It’s not pretty to steal Moreno. Do you sleep well on both ears? Or should I say, on your bier…

Stressed, Sylvain is very quiet during dinner, which Christelle does not miss. Sylvain therefore makes him believe that he is smeared and decides to go to bed.

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