Top Gun: Maverick – the first opinions on the sequel to the cult film have fallen

The first spectators of Top Gun: Maverick have spoken, and this long-awaited sequel to the first cult film seems to have convinced them.

Ah, Tom Cruise. A tumultuous, controversial actor with an impulsive temperament and known to his peers for his need for excessive control, the Hollywood actor has known a lot about him over the decades both for his multiple disputes and for the intensity of his playing. on the bill for his next two projects, multiple reports of which have worked on the excitement of the spectators, It looks like the bumbling sixties in Hollywood has hit hard with the sequel to the adventures of Pete Mitchell.

Failing to find out in the next Mission Impossible Delayed until the summer of 2023, however, fans of the actor and his increasingly incredible action films can rejoice to finally see him don the aviator jacket again in the second part of Top Gun, which is set to hit theaters 36 years after the original film’s release. And the first American opinions after an exclusive broadcast at CinemaCon seem to confirm the enthusiastic anticipation that comes with this new film. We have therefore grouped together a few tweets that are representative of a general feeling that is dithyrambic to say the least.

Top Gun: Maverick: Photo, Monica Barbaro, Miles Teller, Tom Cruise, Glen Powell On the way to the first opinions

“I loved Top Gun: Maverick. I was blown away by the cinematography, the flight scenes and of course Tom Cruise’s performance. The rest of the cast was just as great, with special mention to Miles Teller and Glen Powell. It’s real is the kind of movie you should see on the largest screen possible.” Steven Weintraub – Collider

“MY GOD. Top Gun: Maverick is an INCREDIBLE return to the franchise that more than justifies the wait. It pays tribute to the first Top Gun as it makes its own way in the air! The story, the interpretation, the emotions and these SEQUENCES AIR COMBAT movies are all excellent. HAVE FUN WITH THIS MOVIE, MY FRIENDS.” John Rocha – The Outlaw Nation

“Top Gun: Maverick is the perfect blockbuster. Not only does it have mind-boggling aerial combat scenes, but I actually cried that it was so emotional. And, call me crazy, but I humbly predict that “it’ll be a Best Photo nomination next year.” It’s not just good, it’s downright amazing.” Jeff Sneider – The Anchor

Top Gun : Maverick : photo Tom CruiseThoughtful in the light of criticism

“Yes. Just, so yes. Top Gun: Maverick is a masterfully staged adrenaline rush. Tom Cruise is our biggest movie star. This film delivers absolutely EVERYTHING you could ever expect from a blockbuster. The aerial scenes are breathtaking, the character development is fantastic Pure action with a lot of heart. see !” Sean O’Connell – Cinema Blend

“Just saw Tom Gun Maverick at CinemaCon, and my God. It might be the best movie of the decade. Thrills and thrills, tears and glee. Tom Cruise is second to none. It’s beyond anything you can imagine. EXTRAORDINARY suspense PERFECTION Miles Teller just conquered Top Gun.” Nikki Novak – Fandango

“Tom Gun Maverick will blow fans of the original movie away and will likely win new ones. Honestly, although the story relies heavily on the first Top Gun, I liked this new installment better in almost every way.” Scott Menzel – We Live Entertainment

Top Gun: Maverick: Photo, Jay EllisJay Elis is excited

“In a nutshell: Wow! Top Gun: Maverick is amazing in every way. The action and flight scenes are desperately intense and constantly evolving. You’ll definitely be on the edge of your seat. And not me. I wasn’t ready. “For being so moving. The crowd must have applauded a dozen times.” Erik Davis – Fandango

“Top Gun: Maverick is a true cinematic experience and easily the best film of the year. What Kosinski, Chris McQuarrie, Eddie Hamilton and of course Tom Cruise have achieved is simultaneously epic and intimate, thrilling and heartbreaking. thinks it will be, it will be even better than that.” Drew Taylor – The Wrap

Top Gun: Maverick: photo, Tom CruiseHires that turn Tom upside down

“Top Gun: Maverick is a masterpiece of cinema! I laughed, cried (several times) and was on the edge of my seat until the very end. Kudos to Paramount Studios, Tom Cruise, Joseph Kosinski and the rest of the crew. I always loved Top Gun, but I loved Maverick. Don’t miss it!” Andy Signore – Popcorned Planet

“Honestly, I’m a huge Top Gun fan. But even if I hadn’t been, I would have loved Top Gun: Maverick. The action is intense and beautiful at the same time, the characters and their relationships are rich and rewarding, and then it’s crazy how it pulls at your heart. It’s a really special sequel, and I’ll be its wingman when needed.” Germain Lussier – Gizmodo

Top Gun: Photo Tom CruiseThe first Top Gun seems to validate the sequel

These are the first returns that are definitely laudable. And if these early American critics are only too happy to indulge in the nostalgic pleasure of discovering the sequel to a much-loved film, they fail to underline how much this new opus must be considered entirely according to its own prerogatives. Top Gun: Maverick so would be a brilliant sequel by its incredible tribute to the 1986 film, but also and above all by a cinematography and a story executed with a masterly hand.

Each of the opinions takes great care in highlighting the intensity of the footage and the many action scenes, which, knowing Tom Cruise, promises a sensational spectacle, while emphasizing the sensitive nature of the screenplay and the interpersonal relationships the characters share. And if, as always, this extreme positivism is to be carefully considered, the excitement that underlies it for this new adventure is very much there. Something to feed our impatience for the film’s release on May 25, 2022.

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