Victoire and Samuel move in together, Chloé in sight of the serial killer? (DNA episode 1180 summary)

“Tomorrow Belongs to Us” preview, detailed recap and spoilers for Friday, May 6, 2022 Episode 1180 of DNA. In your daily series, the killer is about to take another victim, Victoire makes a big decision and a golden opportunity presents itself for Victor Brunet.


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Tomorrow’s Ours: Recap of Episode 1180 from Friday, May 6, 2022

Victor’s plans get complicated, but…

Victor tries to scam Christelle with the help of a gallery owner friend. He wants her to buy a reproduction of Podolski for the same price as the original. Far from suspecting Brunet’s machining, Christelle fell in love with this painting and shared it with her husband. She tries to convince him that it is a bargain to buy it for 160,000 euros. But she fails to make Sylvain listen to reason. Christelle is afraid that the gallery owner will sell the painting to another client. Victor works out the final details with his gallery owner friend. Victor would receive 60% of the sale of the reproduction and his friend 40%. Brunet thinks Christelle will return to the gallery with her husband and gives his gallerist friend two or three pieces of advice on what to do.

Victor was right. Christelle goes to the gallery with Sylvain, only contemporary art and he, that’s two. However, he says he is willing to support this painting by Podolsky in order to please his wife. He turns around when he discovers that it is this crook Victor Brunet who has been talking about the canvas with his wife. He refuses to hang this painting on the wall of the living room on the pretext that Brunet likes it. Christelle insists because she likes this painting. She explains to her husband that she will increase in value, but without success.

At the Spoon over a bottle of white wine, Christelle confesses her disappointment to Victor and tells him about her husband’s comments to her. She has had a drink and lets go of the fact that her husband is not completely white. She then confesses to Victor that they got rich from a gold bar stolen during the hostage situation.

Samuel proposes to Victoire

Samuel plans to take a romantic getaway to Venice with Victoire the first weekend of June. The young woman is delighted but accidentally discovers a red velvet briefcase while searching for hand cream in Samuel’s chest of drawers and does not understand the doctor’s intentions. Victoire thinks Samuel is going to propose to her and begins to panic. The young woman tells Noor that she wants to maintain her independence. For his part, Samuel emphasizes the idea that Victoire refuses to commit to him. It’s the first time William sees Samuel so romantic and encourages him to go for it.

In the evening Victoire goes to Samuel and sees a bottle of champagne on the living room table. The young woman does not give Samuel time to propose. After assuring him of her feelings for him, Victoire explains to Samuel that marriage isn’t his thing, but Samuel asks him to open the box anyway. Inside, Victoire discovers a key… Samuel asks her if she agrees to live with him. Victoire accepts it with great pleasure.


Is Chloé in the crosshairs of the serial killer?

Loïc Mercier, 41, is the alleged murderer of Violette Lenoir and Gaëlle Richet. In 2012, he was preparing to marry the woman of his life, but on the day of the ceremony she did not appear at the town hall, preferring to leave with her lover. Since that day, Mercier has harbored a deep-seated hatred for the institution of marriage. Sébastien Perraud, the prosecutor, was investigating a case in which Mercier had poisoned six people with digitalis with a tiger dandruff in the throat. They all had a connection to the married world. But Mercier’s lawyer had found a legal loophole in his file and he was acquitted. The prosecutor thinks Mercier has landed in Sète to mock him.

The murders of Gaëlle and Violette bring back bad memories for some Sète people. Bart and Chloe can’t help but connect with wedding ring killer Marc Véry. Bart hesitates to postpone the wedding. But when Louise is touched by the deaths of these two women, she doesn’t want a patient to terrorize them so much that they are no longer alive.

The investigation is progressing. Two florists sell tiger rose in the area. That of Béziers has been closed for three weeks due to work. The Montpellier florist sold a bouquet of ten tiger roses the day before Violette died. But neither the boss nor his employee could identify Loïc Mercier in a photo, and the store has no surveillance cameras.

Bart adjusts his suit for the wedding. Anna thinks her son is beautiful. But she sees his little face. Bart is stressed by the murders of Violette and Gaëlle, but also by what happened to Anna. She reassures her son about his health and advises him not to ask too many questions about the rest. She encourages Bart to go for it. He then tells her that he wants to start a family with Louise. Only he can’t find the right time to talk to her about it. Anna advises him to tell Louise as soon as possible. And she is looking forward to taking care of her grandson or granddaughter.

Raphaëlle is concerned about her father, who was upset by the Mercier affair ten years ago. Earlier. He stopped eating, sleeping and only talking about the serial killer. Raphaëlle asks her father not to make it a personal story, but Sébastien is determined to make Mercier pay this time.

Sara has managed to follow Mercier’s journey over the past ten years. He moved no less than ten times and did all kinds of odd jobs. The last known address in January 2022 is in Quimper. Mercier and his brother had very little contact and the last time they saw each other was at their mother’s funeral. Mercier’s brother gave Sara Loïcs last known phone number. In addition, Mercier’s vehicle was found abandoned a few days ago in Montpellier. The researchers are now convinced that Mercier is their man.

Damien traced Loic’s line, but it’s a prepaid that hasn’t been active for two months. Sébastien Perraud loses his temper at the idea that Mercier could strike at any moment.

The killer is about to make a new victim and prepares a bud of a tiger rose. Chloé has been given a little wine in a carafe and finds it a delicate gift from her husband. Alex hasn’t come home yet. Chloe calls him to thank him and tells him she notices this little appetizer. But Alex clearly doesn’t know what his wife is talking about. Chloe is about to take a sip of this famous wine.

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