what to do from 13 to 15 May

The Maggio dei Monumenti starts with an extensive program of intercultural walks and tours, the European Night of the Museums with the extraordinary evening opening and access to the main museums, monumental complexes, parks and archaeological sites for the symbolic price of one euro , party on the Lungomare Caracciolo for the Neapolitan stage of the Giro d’Italia, the Pink Edition of the Naples Bike Festival and many other events not to be missed.

New weekend full of initiatives in the city including exhibitions, shows, concerts, special tours and appointments for the little ones.

Here are our tips on what to do and see in Naples (and vicinity) from May 13-15:

The Monument May 2022 starts

The Maggio dei Monumenti kicks off with a weekend full of intercultural walks and tours: from Friday 13 to Sunday 15 May, nine appointments have been proposed by Brickworkthe program of events inspired by a vision that overturns the concept of the wall, from a symbol of division to a symbol of unity. Click here for all information

European Night of the Museums, evening entry for one euro

On Saturday 14 May, the “European Night of Museums” returns to Italy. Taking place simultaneously across Europe, the initiative provides the extraordinary evening opening and access to the state’s main museums, monumental complexes, parks and archaeological sites for the symbolic price of one euro. Among the many sites in Naples and the province that join the initiative are the Museum and Real Bosco di Capodimonte, the Royal Palace, the National Archaeological Museum, Certosa and the National Museum of San Martino, the Archaeological Park Campi Flegrei (Museum at the castle of Baia), the Archaeological Park of Pompeii (with guided tours and musical performances) and the Archaeological Park of Herculaneum (extraordinary visits to the Roman theater). Click here for all information

Giro d’Italia, party on the waterfront of Naples

The Giro d’Italia is celebrated on the Lungomare Caracciolo, which returns to Naples with a beautiful stage that also includes the Campi Flegrei and Procida, the cultural capital. Together with entertainers, dancers, jugglers and circus performers, Giroland, the new Giro commercial village format, was also renovated on May 14 on the Lungomare with a new identity, structure and content. Admission is free. Click here for all information

Madame in concerto

Saturday 14 May the indoor tour will stop at Madame’s Clubs at the Palapartenope in Naples. Opportunity, for the revealing artist of 2021, to present the songs that marked his debut album “Madame”, certified double platinum album. Click here for all information

Primavera della Gaiola: lectures and concerts in the sunken park

The sunken park of Gaiola celebrates twenty years since its creation with a series of cultural and scientific events. Sunday 15 May the appointment is at 17.00 pm with the String trio “Alma”: Alberto Marano (violin), Myriam Traverso (viola), Alessandro Parfitt (cello). Click here for all information

Kobane shouts on stage: at the Bellini the show based on the comic of Zerocalcare

In the Bellini Theater from 10 to 22 May “Kobane calling on stage” will be performed from Kobane calling by Zerocalcare, published by BAO Publishing. A performance that does not make the war spectacular, but tells thanks to a highly original mix of languages. It is a real act of love of the theater for the poetic and very comic world of the author, it is not just the transposition of a graphic novel, but an unpublished work that, starting from the pages of the comic strip, transforms them on the staging in an authentic short circuit of emotions, as it tells with merciless lightness the brutal truth of a conflict that is all too often forgotten. Click here for all information

Evening Tour and Aperitif in the Catacombs of San Gennaro

This weekend is coming back the appointment cabout the evocative descent into the womb of the earth, into the thousand-year history of the city. An evening tour to the catacombs of San Gennaro: a journey to discover one of the most evocative underground places in the world. A descent into the beauty of mystery, enriched by the typical Neapolitan aperitif “taralli and beer”. Click here for all information

Marina Abramović in the San Carlo with “7 kills of Maria Callas”

From Friday to Sunday, Marina Abramović takes the stage at the San Carlo Theater in Naples with “7 Deaths of Maria Callas”. Click here for all information

Napoli Bike Festival pink edition

The XI edition of the Napoli Bike Festival celebrates the arrival of the Giro d’Italia with many events that will make the wait even more fun and hectic. Friday, May 13 from 6.30 pm in the Galleria Principe di Napoli, the Bicycle House, city bike bar, the Pink Party, waiting for the Giro, an evening with lectures, installations, concerts, performances, exhibitions. Saturday, May 14, the appointment is always at the Galleria Principe at 9:00 am: the #pedaloper will start from the Bicycle House, the collective pedaling (flat path suitable for everyone) that will slowly take all participants to Mostra d’Oltremare for the opening of the Expo-E village. Click here for all information

Quartierane Artigiane, market exhibition in the Spanish quarter

Saturday, May 14, the Artisan Quarters market returns where you can sample bags, umbrellas, wax artifacts, bijoux, handmade clothing, embroidery, art photographs and many goodies. They are artists and craftsmen who have commercial activities or who work at home, they create beautiful products and unique pieces with their hands, even on order. Click here for all information

The Cathedral of Water: A Musical Journey to the Mirabilis Pool

On Sunday 15 May, the Mirabilisbad will be transformed into a magnificent theatre. Federica Ottombrino, accompanying herself with accordion and guitar, sings about water and life and provides us with an evening full of suggestions. The event will also be repeated on Sunday 22 May. Click here for all information

And for the little ones there is the Butterfly Universe

Fairytale emotions in the park of the Agnano Hippodrome where the exhibition has arrived from May 6 interactive, immersive and didactic “Universe of Butterflies and Butterfly Experience”. Click here for all information

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