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EUROVISION 2022. Who will be the big winner in the final of Eurovision 2022? Follow the overall standings updated live on Linternaute.com

The necessary

  • Eurovision currently takes place on France 2. The event will take place in Turin and should end around 00:30 with the announcement of the winner.
  • The provisional winner live: At the moment the announcement of the points is underway but according to the provisional standings the United Kingdom is in 1st place with 225 points. This is followed by Sweden 2nd (199) and Spain 3rd (177).
  • France’s live score: So far, Alvan & Ahez, the French candidates have been awarded 9 points. So France is currently 22nd out of 25.
  • Ukraine is the favorite of Eurovision 2022 for bookmakers, because of the invasion of the country by Russia. The latter was also excluded by the organizers of the competition. Ukraine has already performed his song and the singer, Kalush Orchestra, called on European countries to “help Ukraine”. Other favorite candidates are Italy, the United Kingdom and Sweden. Follow the Eurovision final live below.

And immediately

00:31 – The provisional standings remain unchanged

Thirty countries gave their preliminary ranking. The United Kingdom continues to lead the race, ahead of Sweden, Spain and Ukraine. France has 9 points and is 21st in the standings.

00:26 – France awards its points to the United Kingdom

Ukraine, Poland, Armenia, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Czech Republic and Portugal received points from France. But the 12 hex points went to the UK.

00:19 – How many points for France from the national judges?

Half of the national judges revealed the distribution of their point. The United Kingdom remains in the lead, ahead of Sweden and Spain, closely followed by Ukraine. Conversely, France has only won one point for now and is at the end of the standings, but ahead of Germany (0 point).

00:16 – VK at the top of the table, will they win?

It would be a revenge compared to last year. After scoring no points, the United Kingdom tops the provisional standings of the national judges, ahead of Sweden and Spain. Let’s not forget that the public vote can completely upset the balance, especially since 25 countries have not yet announced their points distribution.

00:11 – Where is the ranking after ten countries?

Ten countries have made their decision. For now, the United Kingdom tops the provisional ranking, ahead of Spain and Sweden. France has a point. Thirty countries have yet to give their ranking, as well as the public, whose votes are worth 50% of the final result.

00:07 – Spain tops the provisional standings

The points distribution has started, so far five countries have awarded their points. Spain dominates the ranking, followed by the United Kingdom and Greece. France currently has 0 points. However, there are still 35 countries left, the ranking can still change completely.

00:04 – The Netherlands opens the ballot paper

The Netherlands decided to give 12 points for Greece. For the time being, this country is at the top of the votes, as the Netherlands is the first country to give its points. No points were given to France.

05/14/22 – 23:58 – Voting is over

It is over ! It is no longer possible to vote for your favorite performance of this Song Contest 2022. The fate of the candidates is now sealed. Within minutes we will know the full standings and the name of the winner of this 66th edition of the event.

05/14/22 – 23:52 – How to vote for France from abroad

Impossible to vote for France if you live in France. But if you are abroad, it is very possible to vote for Alvan and Ahez. Be careful though, the phone numbers you have to type are not the same! Below Eurovision France explains how you can vote for the candidates from France.

14/05/22 – 23:41 – Alvan and Ahez caused a sensation at Eurovision Song Contest, watch their performance on video

The appearance of Alvan and Ahez, French representatives at Eurovision, was expected by French viewers. Did you miss it? It can be found in video below.

22-05-22 – 23:33 – What are the numbers for each country?

Do you not remember the numbers of the different Eurovision performances? Do not panic ! Here are the numbers to call to vote, on 36 32 by phone or SMS on 7 3003: Czech Republic: 01; Romania: 02; Portugal: 03; Finland: 04; Switzerland: 05; France: 06; Norway: 07; Armenia: 08; Italy: 09; Spain: 10; Netherlands: 11; Ukraine: 12; Germany: 13; Lithuania: 14; Azerbaijan: 15; Belgium: 16; Greece: 17; Iceland: 18; Moldova: 19; Sweden: 20; Australia: 21; UK: 22; Poland: 23; Serbia: 24; Estonia: 25.

14/05/22 – 23:25 – Which phone number to vote in Eurovision?

There are two numbers to remember to vote for Eurovision from France. If you want to support one of the countries, you can call 36 34. It is also possible to vote by SMS by calling 7 3003, up to 20 SMS per device (text price: 0.99 € + SMS price).

14/05/22 – 23:17 – How do Eurovision 2022 voting work?

The voting phase is a crucial moment in Eurovision. Every country in competition, even those that did not qualify for the semifinals, must award a certain number of points to the ten performances that marked it the most (12 points, 10 points, then 8, 7, 6, 5 , 4 , 3, 2, 1). Since 2016, viewers have been able to vote via text message, telephone and the Eurovision song contest app, but of course they cannot give their own country a point.

14/05/22 – 23:12 – The winner of Mask Singer Estonia on the Eurovision podium

Stefan, the Estonian Eurovision entrant, is no stranger to viewers in his country. Before performing on the Turin podium in hopes of claiming victory for his country, Stefan had won the first edition of Mask Singer Estonia. He had previously won several singing competitions.

05/14/22 – 23:09 – The Song of Serbia Calls Meghan Markle. on

Surprising, but we can recognize the name of Meghan Markle in the song that Serbia interprets on the Eurovision stage. “What’s the secret to Meghan Markle’s healthy hair?” asks the singer in In Corpore Sano. Indeed, this title evokes the obsession with our society’s health, and in particular the control we think we have over our bodies.


program sheet

Eurovision 2022 marks the beginning of May. The final will take place in Turin, next Saturday, May 14, 2022. In France, the event can be followed on France 2 from 9 p.m. Previously, two semi-finals made it possible to select twenty candidate countries for the final. They took place on Tuesday 10 May 2022 and Thursday 12 May 2022, a few days before the winner of this 66th edition was announced.

France is represented by the Breton group Alvan and Ahez at Eurovision 2022. This formation consists of four members: the female trio Ahez Marine Lavigne, Sterenn Diridollou and Sterenn Le Guillou and the musician Alexis Morvan-Rosius, better known as Alvan. They were selected on March 5 during the program “Eurovision France: you decide”. The tricolor group performs the song “Fulenn” on the Turin stage, which means both “spark” and “beautiful girl” in Breton. It has been since 1977 and Marie Myriam’s victory that France has not won the Eurovision Song Contest.

We do not yet know the name of the winner of Eurovision 2022. It will be revealed at the end of the singing competition, which will take place live from Turin this Saturday, May 14, 2022. If we know the identity of the winner Ukraine is a big favorite of the bookmakers with its candidate Kalush Orchestra. Some of the challengers, namely the United Kingdom and Sweden may also surprise you.

We do not yet know the ranking of Eurovision 2022. Last year, the Italian group Maneskin won the singing competition with 524 points, mostly saved by public votes. He was ahead of France and Barbara Pravi (2nd with 499 points) and Switzerland (3rd, 432 points) on the podium. The top of the ranking was completed by Iceland (378 points), Ukraine (364 points) and Finland (301 points). Below you will find in detail the latest Eurovision ranking.

  1. Italy (524 points)
  2. France (499 points)
  3. Switzerland (432 points)
  4. Iceland (378 points)
  5. Ukraine (364 points)
  6. Finland (301 points)
  7. Malta (255 points)
  8. Lithuania (220 points)
  9. Russia (204 points)
  10. Greece (170 points)
  11. Bulgaria (170 points)
  12. Portugal (153 points)
  13. Moldova (115 points)
  14. Sweden (109 points)
  15. Serbia (102 points)
  16. Chypre (94 points)
  17. Israel (93 points)
  18. Norway (75 points)
  19. Belgium (74 points)
  20. Azerbaijan (65 points)
  21. Albania (57 points)
  22. Saint Marin (50 points)
  23. Netherlands (11 points)
  24. Spain (6 points)
  25. Germany (3 points)
  26. the United Kingdom (0 points)

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