why will a Frenchman necessarily win tonight?

Next Tuesday evening, one of the players with the jackpot of 215 million euros can go home due to the EuroMillion draw. In any case, at least one Frenchman will become a millionaire in this European lottery.

This EuroMillions draw on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 will generate extreme enthusiasm across Europe. This lottery can reward one of the players with a jackpot of 215 million euros. This is a record amount not seen before in 2022. For this, the French participate in the My Million draw that guarantees a new millionaire tonight.

Today, all conditions are met to maximize your chances of (big) winnings for the EuroMillions draw. When the jackpot exceeds 200 million euros, the FDJ draw becomes a topic of conversation in all houses. If you want to play, the easiest way is to fill out an online grid. It will take a few minutes if you don’t have an account.

Play EuroMillions

Millions of players now place their bets live on the FDJ site. Why ? Because it’s faster, easier, more discreet and you have the information in preview. It should also be noted that certain features like MultiChances are available exclusively on the web. At tobacconists you therefore have less chance of optimizing your bets.

How do you take advantage of EuroMillions options?

The EuroMillion draw is not limited to a single simple grid of 2.50 euros. Certainly, this is the minimum amount you can invest. Allows you to tick 5 digits and 2 star numbers. You then have a 1 in 13 chance of winning something. For the €215 million jackpot, you only have a 1 in 139 million chance of winning.

That said, if you want to maximize your chances of winning, there are options available. It will cost you a little more, but you will significantly increase your chances of winning. Ultimately, the potential win/risk ratio is much more in your favor during such a EuroMillion draw.

The first method is to use the Star+ option. The latter will be added to your EuroMillions grid if you add 1 Euro to the amount (ie 3.50 Euros in total for a simple grid). This small option comes with a huge advantage: the odds of winning go from 1 in 13 to… just 1 in 4. So you have a 25% chance of winning anything on this draw of the day.

Then there are the MultiChances packages that are only available on the internet. By choosing the latter, you spread your risk for this EuroMillion draw as much as possible. If you’re ready to split the jackpot with several people to pay less, the MultiChances is perfect: you can position yourself on 660 or 1260 grids at the same time. Everything for 5 or 7.50 euros in total.

Play EuroMillions

For the equivalent of 2 simple grids, you can position yourself on 660 grids of EuroMillions and My Million draws. Of course, the potential profit is more limited, but the chance of success is much higher. It is therefore in your interest to use this option if you want to leave with an amount this Tuesday evening.

My Million, an underrated secondary draw

The EuroMillion draw with the stake of €215 million is of course the one that will be the most talked about. That said, the French have privileged access to a second draw that is just as interesting: My Million. The latter is reserved for French residents, unlike the EuroMillion which covers all countries in Europe where the lottery is present.

My Million is a draw that takes place a few minutes before the EuroMillion draw. For each of the EuroMillions grids you validate, FDJ assigns you a randomly generated code. This unique code serves as access to the French My Million draw. This also means that this second draw is included in the cost of a EuroMillion grid, so you have nothing to do.

This My Million draw is therefore logically available both at tobacconists and on the Internet, via the FDJ website. In France, an average of 4 million grids are completed for each EuroMillion draw. We can certainly expect double that for this draw with 215 million euros at stake. So that gives you about a 1 in 8 million chance of becoming a millionaire tonight. Again, this probability depends on the number of rosters completed in France.

A lottery that benefits all French

With the My Million bonus, the French have a real advantage over their counterparts. That said, everyone is in the same boat for the main EuroMillion draw on Tuesday evening 10. In recent years, it has been mainly the French who have won jackpots of more than 200 million euros. However, we cannot make any predictions about the outcome of this draw.

What is certain is that it is better to play now than when the lottery puts 17 million euros on the line (minimum guaranteed). Indeed, the probability is the same, but the profit here is much higher. In addition, the winnings of rank 2 and 3 are also boosted, you can walk away with several hundred thousand euros in this case. As always, these amounts depend on how many players will find the nearly right combinations.

As for the timetables, the cut-off time is at 20:15. As you know, tobacco shops are usually closed at this time, so you only have the online solution to play. On FDJ it takes a few seconds to place your EuroMillion draw bet if you are a customer. If you are not already, it will take a few minutes at most. The FDJ site (also on mobile) is optimized to provide an excellent customer experience.

To play the EuroMillion it is here:

Play EuroMillions

Gambling carries risks: debt, isolation, dependence. Call for help 09 74 75 13 13 (free call).

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