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Discover the detailed recap of Here It All Begins pre-season 2 with Episode 389 airing Friday, April 29, 2022 on TF1. Axel makes hearts capsize, Salome and Jasmine tear each other apart. Lisandro stops Zacharie from continuing with Constance.

The full ITC soap opera recap of the 04-29-2022 episode with spoilers #HereEverythingBegins in preview, everything you need to know.

The complicity at the rendezvous between Axel and Salomé

Find the full summary ofThis is where it all starts episode 389 broadcast on TF1 on Friday, April 29, 2022 (view the summaries prior to Here it all starts ): the summary of the previous episode Everything starts here from 28-04-2022 is online.

Hortense confesses to Gaetan that she was going to see Hugues, but he wouldn’t let her in. Gaetan thinks it’s the best solution, he was right. Hortense thinks talking to Hugues might unlock something, she wants to confront him.
Gaetan thinks Hugues is dangerous.

Hortense gets a call from Mehdi, she tells him she wants to stay in the swamps with Gaetan a little longer. She tells Mehdi that she realized it was not a good idea to see Hugues. Hortense says she’s getting better and she’ll be back soon. Hortense and Mehdi tell each other I love you.

Gaetan agrees to keep it secret. Hortense sends a message to Gaetan when things go wrong with Hugues.

Consistency is where it all starts

Constance asks Landiras to accompany her to the prom

Jasmine has decided to spend the second with Axel, she wants to force fate. Greg tells Jasmine to keep in mind that she may not be Axel’s style of nine.

Zacharie made a list for Constance… lots of things she could do herself (skateboarding, knitting…). Constance admits to Landiras that she doesn’t know what to do, which is to find a passion or change jobs: thanks to him, she’s looking… and that’s a lot.

Zacharie this is where it all starts

Will Zacharie get lucky or go through hell after rapping Constance?

Lisandro asks Zacharie if Constance was the married woman who inspired his dessert. Zacharie confirms and Lisandro reminds him that she is Teyssier’s wife. Zacharie thinks if Constance is with him she’d be happy… today she seems extinct. Lisandro tells her about his affair with Rose… and nothing good came of it.
Lisandro advises Zacharie to avoid Teyssier’s wrath “Swallow your passion and stay away from his wife”.

Salomé and Jasmine are still arguing for Axel. Jasmine is drunk that Salomé brings himself back to the front.

Hortense comes to Hugues again, she tells him she is ill. Hugues agrees to let her in if she talks to him about bulimia.

Lisandro this is where it all starts

Lisandro talks about his experience with Rose in Landiras

Axel practices unmoulding meringues…but he can’t. Salome sees him struggling, she decides to help him. A certain bond develops between them. Jasmine arrives, she says to Salomé “Aren’t you tired of sitting in my paws? †

Mehdi tells Claire that he’s worried about Hortense: he’s afraid she’s going to Hugues. Célia and Eliott think Hortense is vulnerable.

Jasmine this is where it all starts

Greg tries to calm Jasmine’s fervor and prepare her in case Axel isn’t interested

Hugues tells Hortense that he thought a lot in prison: he was obsessed with her because he wanted to find his wife. Hugues tells her that she has nothing to blame herself, he is the only culprit.
Hugues brings Hortense into the room with all the photos. He has removed everything, the room has been transformed into an office.

Gaetan this is where it all starts

Gaetan worries about Hortense

Daniel Rochemont and Mehdi arrive at Hugues in panic. Hortense intervenes to get Daniel to let Hugues go. Hortense criticizes her father for being alone as a teenager and controlling her parents’ arguments as best he could. Hortense says she vomited every night as a teenager, but her parents realized nothing. Daniel hugs Hortense, he apologizes.

Everything starts here before episode 389 of April 29, 2022: Teyssier replaced by Landiras

Constance asks Emmanuel to be her prom date. He doesn’t want to go to the student party. Constance is outraged.
Zacharie likes to go to the prom… Constance tells him her husband doesn’t want to come. The theme of the ball is chic and glamorous.

Constance asks Zacharie to be her partner, he happily accepts.

Daniel here it all starts

Daniel Rochemont receives all the criticism from Hortense

Salomé makes a point with Jasmine, she wants her to stop the trouble**… Axel doesn’t interest her, he’s just a friend. And yet Salomé reminds Jasmine that she has no rights to Axel, he is not her boyfriend.

The highlights of Here it all starts on Friday, April 29, 2022: what to remember

Hortense this is where it all starts

Hortense quite indulgent with Hugues

– Salomé cleans up with Jasmine
– Emmanuel Teyssier confirms that he does not want to go to the ball
– Constance decided to go with Zacharie
– Hortense has a conversation with Hugues
– Hortense tells her 4 truths to her father about her childhood and the beginning of her bulimia
– Axel and Salomé get along well

To be continued the summary Here it all begins episode 390 from Monday 2 May 2022.

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