Zacharie agrees to be Constance’s date at the prom, and Salomé captivated by Axel? (Summary and Spoilers Episode #389 ITC)

“It All Starts Here” preview, detailed recap, and spoilers for ITC’s Friday, April 29, 2022 Episode 389. In your daily series, Mehdi learns that the unthinkable has happened. Jasmine confronts Salome. Zacharie, for his part, is playing with fire.


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This is where it all starts: Recap of Episode 389 from Friday, April 29, 2022

Salome confronts Jasmine

Jasmine decides to spend the second and force fate a bit by making sure she hangs out with Axel the whole time. But Greg fears she’s getting carried away and kindly points out that there’s a possibility she’s not the style of Chef Teyssier’s cousin. Jasmine acknowledges the blow.

In the baking class, the young woman springs into action and Axel offers to come and see how to demould the meringues. But Jasmine breaks one. However, Chef Landiras asked Salomé to review the technique of meringues with the students. The young woman advises Jasmine to use the palm of her hand. But Jasmine fights back. After all, Salome is not a teacher. But the young woman replies that she shouldn’t be completely useless, as the chef Landiras has asked her to show them this technique.

Moments later, Axel is training unsuccessfully on demoulding the meringues in the studio when Salomé arrives to do her Live. The young woman explains to him how to unmould the meringues without breaking them. She does what she says and puts her hand on Axel’s. Salomé is visibly captivated and it is visibly mutual. But Jasmine surprises them together in the studio and doesn’t hide her jealousy towards Salomé. She can’t take it anymore and decides to confront Jasmine moments later. Salomé understands that Jasmine is jealous that she gets on well with Axel and explains to him that they are just friends. But Jasmine doubts it, especially since Salomé spends her time turning it on. Salomé puts Jasmine on the i: since she’s not Axel’s girlfriend, she has nothing to say about her relationship with him, or even about the prom.


Zacharie is playing with fire

Zacharie made a list of things Constance could do just for her, such as skateboarding, pottery making, or even yoga. If not helpful, this list has the merit of making the pretty nurse laugh. Constance confides to Zacharie that she doesn’t know what to do, find a new passion or change job, and tells him “but thanks to you I’m looking for it and that’s a lot”. Zacharie gives him his support. A slight confusion overcame them. Lisandro sees them together and soon understands that Constance is the famous married woman Zacharie is in love with. The latter confirms that it is indeed her. Zacharie confides in Lisandro that he fell in love with Constance when he was 20 years old. When he arrived at the Institute, he immediately fell in love with her and upon learning that she was Emmanuel’s wife, Zacharie dropped the case. Constance never knew about it. And then Zacharie met Gabrielle and forgot about her. But the last few weeks he spends a lot of time with Constance and thinks he still has feelings for her. Lisandro advises him to move on, but Zacharie doesn’t know if he can. So yes, he succeeded once, but things are different. Zacharie explains to Lisandro that he is no longer a child and that he now feels more on par with Constance. And even if she is still married, she is more fulfilled than before. Zacharie can’t help thinking that if she were with him she would be happy. Lisandro admits to having a story with Rose Latour in return. He explains to her that Antoine almost fired him after discovering their affair. But Teyssier is not Antoine and the director would be less understanding towards Zacharie. This is why Lisandro advises Zacharie to swallow his passion and stay away from Constance.

Constance wants her husband to be her date at the ball, but Emmanuel refuses to set foot there. Under all circumstances, he wants Mr. remain director. Constance is angry. Emmanuel insists to his wife that he does not forbid her to go there. Constance finds Zacharie moments later and the discussion turns to the famous prom whose theme is chic and glamorous. Constance asks him if he agrees to be her date. Zacharie happily accepts.


Hortense confronts her father

Hortense is with the salt marshes and tells Gaëtan that she went to see Hugues Leroy the day before. But the Institute’s former accountant didn’t want her to approach him. Gaëtan thinks it’s better this way and tries to make it clear to Hortense that going to that perverted Hugues Leroy won’t solve her food problems. He encourages the young woman not to reopen the wounds of the past. Gaëtan thinks Hortense should go to the doctor. The young woman plans to do this, but after confronting Hugues, because otherwise it will haunt her for the rest of her life. Gaetan tries to make him realize how dangerous he is. But the young woman is ready to take the risk. That’s when she gets a call from Mehdi who makes sure she’s still with Gaëtan. He then asks her if she wants to come back to the Institute, but Hortense feels good in the swamps. Mehdi then makes sure she doesn’t leave on a whim to see Hugues again. Hortense lies to him. She claims she realized it was not a good idea to go to him. Then she assures Mehdi that she is getting better and that she will be back soon.

Hortense makes Gaëtan promise not to tell her father and Mehdi, then makes sure she can leave him a message if she thinks their meeting is going wrong.

Hortense returns to Hugues Leroy. At first he refuses to let her in because he doesn’t want to get in trouble. Hortense then admits to him that she has bulimia. She explains to Hugues that her seizures came back after what he did to her. Hugues agrees to let her in. Meanwhile, Mehdi cannot concentrate in the kitchen at the Institute, which Chef Guinot does not miss. He tells her of his concern. Mehdi fears that Hortense has gone back to see Hugues and that something is happening to her. Claire accepts that Mehdi is leaving his class. Mehdi is concerned and discovers that the unthinkable has happened. He receives a text from Gaëtan who is concerned that he has not heard from Hortense who is with Hugues.

It’s time for an explanation between Hortense and Hugues. The young woman feels she deserves what happens to her. She blames herself for not listening to others and keeping her distance from him. Hugues admits that what he did to her was not normal. In prison he thought a lot and saw a psychiatrist. He realized that at the time he didn’t realize what he was doing. He felt like he was the only one suffering. And since he absolutely wanted to “find” his wife, that justified his actions. Hugues really thinks he’s the only culprit and Hortense has nothing to be ashamed of.

Hugues explains to Hortense that he still sees his psychiatrist. They work on his grief and on his relationship with women. Hugues even got rid of the pictures of his famous play. For now, however, he prefers to stay away from women. He wants to be sure to love sincerely before starting anything. Mad with worry, Daniel Rochemont and Mehdi arrive at Hugues. Daniel grabs the former accountant. Hortense calls on him to let go. The young woman then has a candid conversation with her father about her bulimia. His issues actually surfaced when his parents were going through a couple crisis. She was always alone and when she tried to come and talk to them, it was never the right time. Hortense confronts her father with reality. She no longer existed for them and did not notice that she took refuge in food, nor that she was vomiting every night. Upset, Daniel says he was sorry and takes Hortense in his arms.

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